From the Principal’s Desk – 20 April, 2017

Dear Parents,

With much excitement on Tuesday this week, Mrs Baxter officially opened the 2017 Primary School Book Week. The joy and excitement on the faces of the students was palpable as they were shown to each of their classrooms, to reveal the book each grade was about to start reading. A section of each classroom was magically transformed by our wonderful parents who put together the most amazing corners depicting the story contained within the book.

It was like watching “kids in a candy store” as students of all ages enjoyed the “big reveal”.

I know that I do not have to reiterate the value and importance of reading but Tuesday certainly reminded me of the importance of being allowed to imagine, to dream and to embrace a little fantasy in our lives as both children and (dare I say) us adults. The chance to escape the real world for just a little bit, to imagine what a magical vacuum cleaner can look or sound like, or what could possibly happen in an enchanted forest is something we should never deny ourselves or our children (whatever their age). A recent article written by Lamisha Serf-Walls for the Huffington Post summarises it beautifully as follows:

1. Imagination ignites passion. As adults we have been forced into a world of responsibility and practicality where money, bills, and jobs (many of which we hate) dictate how we live, breathe, and experience the world. Dreaming of what can be allows us to tap into our imaginations again, reminding us what it feels like to be passionate about something. Somewhere along the line we have lost that connection to passion and purpose in life and replaced it with survival and responsibility. Who says you can’t be passionate and responsible?

2. Our imagination and thoughts create our future. It’s long been said that ‘thoughts become things’ and our imaginative muscle is the very thing that helps make that possible. When we stay immersed in what is directly in front of us at all times (i.e. our current reality), we continually create the same challenges, problems, and experiences over and over again. But, when we venture into our imagination to focus on the reality that we want to experience, the energy is set in motion and magnificent changes can occur.

And as Albert Einstein so eloquently stated: “Imagination is everything. It is the preview for life’s coming attractions.”

3. Imagination stimulates creativity and innovation. Some of the most influential and innovative creations have come from the simple act of imagining something bigger, easier, or more beautiful. Scientists and creative artists have an amazing gift for thinking outside the box and allowing their imaginations the freedom to grow and evolve their thoughts, many of which have created products that have changed the way we live entirely. Without this creative power we may never have had the internet, smartphones, airplanes, and other amazing technology we rely on every day. Simply put, imagination is the key ingredient to expansion and the advancement of our world.

4. Imagination is magical. Take a moment to watch a young child play alone and you will experience first hand the magic that comes from imagination. Creative thought turn the mundane into a magical experience. It is what turns a simple box into a powerful rocket, a laundry basket into a pirate ship, and the plain old bathtub into the deep blue sea. Taking a moment to view the world through a child’s eyes is enough to bring back the joy and wonder that imagination brings. How amazing would our world be if we all experienced that same joy and wonder on a day-to-day basis?

5. Sometimes reality just sucks. Watching the news and hearing about the violence, crime, sickness, and sadness in the world is enough to make anyone believe that things are falling apart. By falling into the trap of ‘what is’ and believing that this is just the way the world works, we become a victim and relinquish our true creative power. Choosing to use our imaginative muscle as a means of creation provides hope. And where there is hope there is ultimately an opportunity for transformation and change. Two things that are necessary for us to create a better world for generations to come.

Albert Einstein had it right when he said: “Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.”

Reality is merely an outward expression of what we have chosen to accept and focus on in the world. But when we turn our thoughts to that which we want to create in our lives, the possibilities are endless. With that kind of imaginative power, why would we waste it focusing on the mundane only to perpetuate a reality that is less than optimum? We have the power to create so much more and it is up to us to use our imaginations to change our lives and our world for the better.

Happy Book Week!

Grant Ruskovich