From the Principal’s Desk – 19 October, 2017

Dear Parents,

The End is just a new Beginning

This week it just so happened that we celebrated our Early Years Concert on Tuesday evening and will officially say goodbye to our Class of 2017; the DP2 students at their Valedictory Service this coming Friday.

I do not recall in the school’s history where in the space of 5 days we acknowledge those at the beginning of their school career and those at the very end. It is really an auspicious and special week.

My African Dream the Early Years Concert, was a reminder of just how innocent and free students are in the early years of school. They danced and sang without abandon giving their all to show their parents what they have been up to these past few weeks. The “cute factor” was in abundance and I, like many of our parents present, was filled with immense pride for our students and appreciation for the amazing staff. I will never hear Waka Waka again without thinking back to the students doing their best version of Shakira’s insane dance moves.

And at the other end of the scale – we have our Diploma 2 class. They have completed their mock examinations and will now say their final farewells on Friday at our most prestigious event, the HBIS Diploma Valedictory Service. It is at this event that we honour those students who have excelled academically, and have achieved in their CAS activities (the core of the Diploma Programme). The event is attended by the entire High School, the Diploma 2 parents and the PYP6 class so that they can see what the end goal is all about. Thereafter our graduating class will leave on study break and then only return to write their final International Baccalaureate Diploma Examinations. Yes the end is now here – all the hard work and effort from the last 13 years of school now comes together for one purpose and goal – to achieve the IB Diploma. And so on behalf of everyone at HBIS, I would like to take this opportunity to wish Sibongile Mrubata, Samantha Sadler, Claire Rideout, Amy Thompson, Nirva Portugal, Alexander De Villiers, Hannah Rout, Taygan Wyngaard, Jasmin Pitcher , Tijmen Vlug, Willow Portman and Phillipha Moyo all the best for their finals. We have been privileged to watch these young ladies and gentlemen grow into the wonderful young adults they are today.

I know that with the right attitude and positive approach to work, they can conquer anything they set their heart and mind on. So farewell to our 8th Diploma cohort – the Class of 2017!

Kind regards,

Grant Ruskovich

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