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Gift of Love

Gift Of Love (2)    Each term we have a different community outreach focus.  To celebrate Valentines Day on 14 February, and to support the local fishing/harbour... read more

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On Wednesday, 30 October, Felicia Campione, Stacey Plasket, Ryan Wild, Jonathan Field, Nathalie Herles, Andreas de Beauregard and myself went to to drop off our 80 Santa Shoeboxes at the Alphen Community Centre Hall, where thousands of other boxes are being checked before being handed out to underprivileged children. What a great moment! Dozens of volunteers are working there, surrounded by mountains of colourful boxes, making sure that nothing is missing. We were really impressed to see how much effort people make in decorating their boxes and making them very special.

The very last stage of this amazing adventure for us will be the celebration day in a pre-school in Kayelitsha in a few weeks.

Thanks again for your support,
Alice Hello (Teacher and Tutor)

Rock n Ride for Rhinos

Rock te RhinoWe had great pleasure to welcome back Jason and Damian, from the Rock 'n ride for Rhino team to celebrate the amazing effort... read more