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From the Principal’s Desk – 27 July, 2017

Dear Parents,Last night the Parent's Association organised and hosted a Social Media talk with a different approach. Jess Oosthuizen, a PHD student at UCT, is currently doing research on the uncharted and ever changing... read more

From the Principal’s Desk – 15 June, 2017

Dear Parents,June 16 is celebrated nationwide as Youth Day. On this day South Africa commemorates a youth protest that resulted in a wave of protests across the country otherwise known as the Soweto Uprising... read more

From the Principal’s Desk – 18 May, 2017

Dear Parents,This past week, I have had several discussions with numerous parents about the many challenges that they are experiencing in raising their children. Some of the topics of conversation have included; conflicting fears... read more

From the Principal’s Desk – 26 April, 2017

Dear Parents,Last night we held our new and improved International Diversity Evening which replaced the old Cultural Evening our High School students used to participate in each Term 2. What a wonderful celebration of... read more