High School Extra-Curricular Activities

Although we are currently a small school, we make the best of our environment, our human resources and the facilities available to us to ensure we provide variety and engagement in extra-curricular activities through our after school programme.

interhouse netball 2011 010

These activities are designed to provide opportunities for our student to engage in sport, outdoor education, cultural activities and service to the community.

Our current programme runs over 4 terms and is designed to balance our small numbers with a desire to offer variety while a developing a sustainable programme.

Summer sports include swimming, tennis and volley ball, winter sports include hockey, netball and soccer.  Our cultural, outdoor education and service programme runs throughout the year and inclu des activities such as the school drama production, instrumental music lessons, mountain biking, hiking, rock climbing, links with local schools to develop literacy  and many more.


HS boys soccer small group